2. Rethinking 'Was With Us': Rethinking Willowburn


Sometimes it's just the simplest phrase in the bible that gets your attention (and your heart): 'Was With Us'. That got my attention (and my heart). This phrase 'was with us' described a nobody from nowhere who, whenever Paul the apostle turned around, 'was with us'. Beatings, plots, prison, shipwrecks, traumas, terrors... Yep, everytime Paul turned around there was a wingman, a companion, a coworker and his name was [nobody from nowhere]. Have a listen to this rethink session and see if you can guess who it was. You will be underwhelmed and yet it was nobodies from nowhere like this that saw the church thrive. Rethink what it means to be a faithful 'nobody from nowhere' in today's 'Rethinking Willowburn' session (Session 2)