2. Above and Beyond: Grace


Whatever. IT. Is. There is grace for that... You know what we noticed as we were driving up the range the other day? The tree’s dying in Redwood Park. Same same around Prince Henry Heights. Trees dying from the drought. From dryness, aridness, barrenness... This drought is death. We’re being told by experts that we may see ever increasing droughts in our part of the world. If our lives are like nature then what are our lives like? Are they like lush green pastures or are they like ever-increasing drought? If ever increasing age is causing ever increasing suffering and ever-increasing loss then our lives are certainly more like ever-increasing droughts. What then is the need? Rain. Soaking Rain. And thankfully there is such rain. Such grace. Whatever drought you face, whatever drought you face...there is grace for that. Just as there’s always been.