School of Ministers

undefinedThe school of ministers (SOM) program is a movement within Willowburn (and beyond) in which men commit to a 12 monthly rhythm of 'one anothering'; that is, to meeting, sharing and serving consistently and intentionally.

The SOM involves three one-day seminars over a 12 month period in which the call to love, to serve and to grow is preached functionally followed by  a call for each man to commit to one another 'molecularly'. 

This means committing in little weekly gatherings of 'twos and threes' (and sometimes fours and fives) as a means of edifying, encouraging and serving one another  i.e ministering (Mark 10:45). 

The commitment is also a two and three commitment: commit to the weekly 'two and three' gathering; commit to a Sunday service and commit to a monthly manual ministry to widows, elderly folk and/or anyone in need the Lord brings to our attention. 

This is good, and as you'll see in the seminars, there are 51 biblical 'one anothering' reasons to do so...