Our Sundays



Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly as teach and admonish one another with all wisdom…’ Col 3:16


On Sundays we are a church of saints and priests serving each other through shared testimonies, devotions, singing, communion and preaching. Our meetings are literally 1 percent of the week but what a 1 percent! 

Here we form a gathered community emerging from a week of walking with our Lord and, hopefully, emerging with stories and lessons of our shared time with Him. We gather to support, encourage and teach one another. We encourage and facilitate a heathy interaction of all the saints, as they are led  by the Spirit... You can see why we emphasise this and other things here in a series of blog articles called 'God-Whys'...

Thus, our teaching expresses itself in shared times of testimony as well as more traditional pulpit style teaching. Both are essential to expressing God's glory, vision and character. This means on a Sunday, from week to week, you will see various bi-vocational teachers preaching the word from the front but you will also see a variety of the saints preaching the word from within in our 'prayer and share segments'. This will normally be in the form of small devotions, story, words of insight and encouragement or shared prayer. (See more of our perspective on the Word and our devotion to Him through it here.)

Additionally we enjoy a variety of musical expressions ranging from singing acapella to singing with single guitars to bands. 

Sunday School and Creche are important ways in which we serve our mums, dads and families. Creche rans all year around for babies and toddlers with carers provided every second week. Sunday School runs for primary schoolers during the school term.

On non-school term Sundays we work hard to encourage and express inter-generational christian bonds - old and young - through such segments as the 'warm up' which is an in-meeting time of teaching and sharing aimed at our younger brothers and sisters. 

Hear here the heart of service, of listening, of giving, of sharing for Sundays at the Burn and for every other day of the week presented by our own Tim B. 

Hear here ten things that make the 'Burn hum on a Sunday... 

And here is the coordinators checklist which shows the myriad things that have to happen to make the Sunday Session hum...